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When Matt Zudweg finished school in 1989 his goal was to take his love of fishing and turn it into a full-time Guide Service. On his way, Zudweg got a job at the local Sign Shop where an existing love of art began to spark new ideas in his imagination. He soon realized that guiding would have to wait, so he could fully immerse himself into learning the art of traditional sign making.

A few years into his career, Matt entered one of his signs in an international sign design competition and took 'First Place', which landed his sign on the cover of 'Signs of the Times' magazine! Zudweg went on to win many other awards for his sign art in the following year and soon decided it was time to open his own sign company

With the computer age taking over the sign business, Zudweg decided to take his work the opposite way, specializing in the "Lost Art" of hand-lettering. Matt also created his own aging method to make his signs look like antiques. His business quickly became successful and he began serving large restaurant clients who were looking for the inviting atmosphere that his nostalgic signs helped to create.

Zudweg has taken the fine art of traditional sign making to an unmatched level. His work has been featured in countless publications, and is recognized by prestigious businesses, industry celebrities, television and art collectors around the world.

Matt's passion for fly fishing is evident in his many designs that revolve around the sport. In recent years, Zudweg has even added the vintage sign art theme to furniture pieces, which adds a whole new meaning to "functional art".

On a personal note from Matt...

Like many teenagers, I battled with a very low self esteem. By the time I was a high school senior in the late 80's, I was so angry that I had constant thoughts of taking revenge on fellow students and taking my own life as well. (sounds all too familiar now days).

On the brink of disaster, I was invited to a Christian youth event and I went reluctantly. As I sat in the back row with my arms folded and a scowl on my face, I listened as the Pastor, with tears running down his face, told of how God loved ME so much that he sent his son Jesus to become one of us, only without sin. Jesus was beaten and killed as part of God's plan to wipe away my sin. I had heard the story many times, but this time it reached my heart and I asked God to save me.

The older I get, the more I look back on that night and give thanks to God. Accepting that message into my heart made the difference between life and death for me in so many ways. I love life and am enjoying it immensely, but life is still hard, as it is for everyone. I'm so thankful that I have Jesus on my side, he is the one I thank when things are good, and pray to when things are not. He is my Savior, my Rock, my Everything.

Some call Christianity a crutch, and in a way I have to agree. I was broken and unable to walk on my own anymore when Jesus put his arms under mine and helped me walk again. If you've come to the place in life where you realize your need for a Savior please visit

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Mailing address: Matt Zudweg LLC
6319 E. 44th St.
Newaygo, MI 49337
Phone. 231.206.7660

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