Custom Flies

Custom Tied Flies
#128 Custom Flies
10" x 36" $550.00

This sign looks great in those unique spaces that call for a narrow decoration.

# 127 Custom Flies/Finest
20" x 32" $ 845.00

This has been one of my most popular signs so far. It can be personalized by using the river, lake, town, etc. of your choice.


Gerbubble Bug

#120 Gerbubble Bug
 24" x 36" $700.00

This sign honors the late Tom Loving for
his unique contributions to warm water fly fishing.

Allcocks Fish Hooks

# 139 Allcocks Hooks
15" x 42" $700.00

Something that may have hung in a flyshop in the early to mid 1900's. Trimmed with 2x cedar.

Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn/Classic Fly Series
20" x 32" $845.00

Royal Coachman

Royal Coachman/Classic Fly Series
20" x 32" $845.00

Flies & Tackle

Flies & Tackle
20" x 32" $ 845.00

Can be personalized with any name in place of C.F. Orvis


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